- 2008 in Gallery 7

  - THEOGNIS Cultural Society Megara 2008
  - 100 years Modern Greek Engraving (1909-2009)
     Collection of Giannis Papakostantinou Picture gallery of company of Macedonian studies

  - Home of Cyprus 2009
  - Ersis Gallery 2010

  - "Technochoros" Gallery, October 2010
  - Engraving exhibition of A' engraving workshop of the supreme school of fine arts
  - Exhibition room "Technis Gaia", Piraeus, October 2010
  - In November 2010, she participated in the collective exhibition «Engravements» at the gallery
    «Eikastikes Anazeteseis» under the curatorship of G. Papakonstantinou and M. Fikiori.
  - In 2013 she participated in the group engraving exhibition in cultural center of «Giannis Moralis» in the
    town of Arta.

Participation in competitions:

  - 7th Triennial in Engraving held in Chamalieres, France in 2006
  - 2nd Triennial EX LIBRIS held in Lefkada in 2008