"The love of travelling penetrates our mind and body in a devious manner. An image, a gaze, a fragrance lodges itself in our soul and does not allow it to settle. Each new destination is transformed into a tormenting siren that sweeps me off my feet and enchants me. My workshop is always there waiting to sweetly embrace me, almost with a motherly affection. Surrounded by all my tools, it is there that I create my works of art. I relieve and alleviate my soul. 

ENGRAVING: The word expresses me. Whatever is engraved with difficulty cannot be removed, it stays there almost for eternity. We mortals are charmed by whatever lasts against time. I engrave whatever impresses me. I have an abundant number of tools. Metals, acids, wood, plexiglass, cutters, gouges, chisels, inks, spatulas, paper, presses. A magical alchemy and a "kitchen” operating as work therapy lead to the pleasure of creativity. My works begin from my travels and every time I look at them I go on the journey again. I hope other people experience the same thing when they look at them.

Anni Zavitsanou 2010


inspired from Africa inspired from L. America
inspired from Asia various works